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Improving Quality of Service Metrics

Christopher Sellers
3 min readJul 31, 2021


I am going to be starting shortly on how to improve service metrics, particular relating to the level of quality provided by employees in a call center environment. While these are experienced employees, and should be able to adapt and provide a great experience on the phone, I need to find a way to motivate and increase metrics related to VOC (Voice of the Customer) and Sentiment (soft skills interacts on the phone). I am working with a new client, and there are components of the calls now that employees need to become more familiar with. The initial thought is that a better call experience will result in better VOC surveys, and more positive Sentiment scores. This can also then be tied potentially in gaps in training.

This is my project that I am going to be looking into from my Lean Six Sigma certification, and am taking on something that I am dealing with right now at work. I currently have a team that deals with a client, that has metrics centered more around the quality of service, versus speed of service. This is a new dynamic for my team to adapt to, and am looking at Six Sigma to help in finding a way to increase our quality of service model with whom we speak with on the phone.

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A few areas to look at for call experience I want to look at are going to be broken down into these categories:

  • Transfers
  • First call resolution
  • Understanding the ask of the caller

These areas can be measured by transfer percentage, First Call resolution percentage, and Sentiment/NPS scores.

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Normally we would look at these metrics for level of success with call center operations, but these would be put into a secondary capacity. They are not going to be main drivers to performance, but will be measured for call efficiency and to find any opportunities with not keeping calls on the phone for too long. Long calls = Potentially bad calls.

  • Average Handling Time
  • Average Speed of Answer
  • Adherence/Conformance rates amongst employees

The group size is small, which is another reason I think this would be a good sample group to work with on my project, and have leadership support to be creative on how we motivate, train, and coach this staff. This will be an interesting path to follow.